Song Fancy’s Song Club

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Sarah Spencer’s outstanding songwriting website, Song Fancy, has a new premium club where songwriters can join and get focus time with a peer group of songwriters. It’s brand new so if you join now the up side is that you are helping shape the club during its nascent journey.

The main reason I joined was to give myself an extra push. I figured it might help provide incentive as a constant reminder I’m paying into this every month so I should take advantage of it.

The group has around two dozen songwriters starting out with a broad range of experience. New songwriters with little credits to their name should not feel out of place, nor should those with years and hundreds of songs in their portfolio.

And Sarah is involved in all the little details to offer encouragement and gin up the camaraderie.

Songclub works like a message board with social media features. Some of the those include live songwriting sessions, weekly song prompts and several focus boards.

There is a lot of sharing of songs from artist’s soundcloud accounts (and elsewhere). It’s a place which encourages sharing and fosters growth and I recommend you check it out and see if it works for you.

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