Registering New Works On ASCAP

It’s easy to register new works on ASCAP and only takes a few minutes.

For this example I’m registering a new composition I recorded as Briyan Frederick called “Twilight’s Echoes Of Wonder” which was created for the Vision of Twilight compilation by Harsh Reality Music under the Electronic Cottage Group on Facebook.

Go To Your ASCAP Dashboard and click Register a Work

Fill out both sides: Writer share and Publisher share. Be sure you have both kinds of accounts so you can receive 100% of the royalties you are due.

Continue to scroll down and you’ll find a string of questions to answer or skip regarding this work. The top question asking “Has this work been recorded?” is likely a Yes answer.

Where do you located your work’s ISRC number? Since I distribute my music through DistroKid, I go to the My Music page there.

Then I click on the song I’m registering as a new work on ASCAP.

You’ll find the ISRC number as circled above.

I also fill out the recording time and then click Submit and we’re done.

It’s easy.






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