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New Song: Art Bomb

This one came about as a Songfight entry in December 2013. The verses and chorus were written and I recorded a rough demo with acoustic

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LyricStudio is online software that adds artificial intelligence to it lyric generator to coax lyrics from nascent ideas. It’s a small investment — around $50

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Sodajerker On Songwriting Podcast

Sodajerker is a songwriting team from Liverpool ,  Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor. Sodajerker On Songwriting podcast is a programme featuring interviews with some of the world’s most

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Songwriters on Process

Songwriters on Process began in 2010 and features close to 200 interviews with songwriters strictly about the songwriting process. That’s it. I don’t care about

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Song Fancy’s Song Club

Sarah Spencer’s outstanding songwriting website, Song Fancy, has a new premium club where songwriters can join and get focus time with a peer group of

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write a song about the time in between two seasons

Julie Marie’s Songwriting Prompts

Chicago songwriter Julie Marie’s website has a page where she collects songwriting prompts she creates every month or so. Check it out:

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