New Song: Art Bomb

This one came about as a Songfight entry in December 2013. The verses and chorus were written and I recorded a rough demo with acoustic guitar, vocals and a tambourine. It wasn’t submitted and the lyric sheet with chords kicked around for several years. At some point, I added a bridge (I’m not sure when). …

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LyricStudio is online software that adds artificial intelligence to it lyric generator to coax lyrics from nascent ideas. It’s a small investment — around $50 per year (paid annually). This isn’t a full review as yet; I’ve just spent about half an hour with it just now, but the initial trial effort was a success. …

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Sodajerker On Songwriting Podcast

Sodajerker is a songwriting team from Liverpool ,  Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor. Sodajerker On Songwriting podcast is a programme featuring interviews with some of the world’s most successful songwriters; Paul McCartney, to name a few. Subscribe in Apple Podcasts or listen to episodes here on the site.

Songwriters on Process

Songwriters on Process began in 2010 and features close to 200 interviews with songwriters strictly about the songwriting process. That’s it. I don’t care about their favorite tour story, favorite food, favorite city, or anything like that. You can find that elsewhere.

Song Club Logo

Song Fancy’s Song Club

Sarah Spencer’s outstanding songwriting website, Song Fancy, has a new premium club where songwriters can join and get focus time with a peer group of songwriters. It’s brand new so if you join now the up side is that you are helping shape the club during its nascent journey. The main reason I joined was …

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write a song about the time in between two seasons

Julie Marie’s Songwriting Prompts

Chicago songwriter Julie Marie’s website has a page where she collects songwriting prompts she creates every month or so. Check it out:

Advice For a New Songwriter

The advice you get on social media is often common knowledge wisdom. It’s the kind of things that are filtered down through the years and stick as worthwhile nuggets. When a new person joins the fray of an online group carrying years of collected experience, and stumbles in with a question about how to get …

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Should I Release Singles or Albums?

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